Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest for Submission Include, but are not limited to :



Parallel and Distributed computing

Network Architectures and Management

Multimedia Systems

Ubiquitous computing

Wireless Networks

Artificial Intelligence

Semantic web computing

Network Management and services

IoT Wireless Networking

Multimedia computing

Networking Technologies

IoT Big Data Analysis

Distributed Computing

Network Security

IoT Device and Network Domain Technologies

Mobile Computing

Optical Networks

Data Mining

Cloud Computing

Neural Networks

Cloud Computing and IoT

Computational Algorithms

Next Generation Network

Crowd-Sourcing and Opportunistic IoT

Privacy-Preserving Computing

Sensor Network

Machine Learning

Soft Computing

Semantic Web

Big data & Data Analytics

High Performance Computing

Wireless Networks

Meta Heuristics and Swarm Intelligence

Web Service Computing, Social Computing

Fuzzy Logic

Next Generation Computer Systems

Service Computing

Reconfigurable Networks

Web Technology

Computational Algorithms

Ultrahigh Speed Networks

End To End/Machine to Machine (M2M) Protocols

Social Computing

Data Center Networks

Data Management in IoT